Unexplored Sites

Ono Area

Ono is a port town on the Sea of Japan, where there is a thriving soy sauce and miso industry. You can stroll around the town and drop into a shop to taste soy sauce and miso.

Yuwaku Hot Spring Area

How about spending some quiet and luxurious time in a hot spring surrounded by mountains?

Thinking of the Age of the Samurai

The layout of Kanazawa hasn’t changed since 1800. Imagine how things were in the age of the samurai as you stroll around the city.

Morning Walk

The garden can be entered for free in the early morning until 15 minutes before the opening time. You can enjoy a walk in the fresh morning air while there are few people in the garden.
Mar., Sep., and Oct. From 5:00am
Apr. – Aug. From 4:00am
Nov. – Feb. From 6:00am

Recommended Routes for Visiting the Temple Areas

There are three temple areas in Kanazawa. The following are the recommended routes.

Teramachi Temple Area (Close to Nishi Chaya District)

Utatsuyama Temple Area (Close to Higashi Chaya District)

Kodatsuno Temple Area (Close to Kenrokuen Garden)